How do you stay inspired?

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Mark Brannan

I am feeling tired. I don’t feel like it. I am feeling bored. I feel indifferent. I am feeling apathetic. Too often, I hear these words reverberating through my head.

Often times, when something like this happens, I simply resign to these thoughts and let myself go with some of the following things: Watch a little television. Browse the Internet (Huffington Post or Facebook). Have a bite to eat. Or, my personal favorite, take a nap.

Motion = emotion: There are millions of studies on this, but, by personal experimentation, the best and sure fire way to knock myself out of an inspiration funk is to get moving. Doing some jumping jacks, push ups or jumping up and down gets the blood moving. Every time you feel bored, tired, etc. get moving for just 30 seconds. See what happens!

Fill Up Your Inspiration Batteries: Some might consider this a waste of time, but, the way I figure it, I am already wasting time by thinking about feeling bored, tired, etc., so I might as well do something productive with that time. So, here is my list of excellent sites to go to feel inspired and rewire my brain to focus on staying inspired:

+ Everyday the folks behind find the most inspirational, thought provoking and inspirational articles across the web. Read some of my favorites here

+ Find the most inspirational, thought provoking and uplifting videos from YouTube,, Vimeo.etc and many other sites.

+ Read about small and anonymous acts of kindness and generosity from across the world.

+ Read passage about the human experience, philosophy, spirituality and going within. Every Wednesday, around the world, these articles are discussed in weekly meditations in peoples homes.

+ The popular and always inspiring and thought provoking videos from movers and shakers from around the world. There is also the TEDMed Conference (videos on innovating healthcare) and Ted Ed (video lessons).

+ The Do Lectures: Ideas + Energy = Change. Inspiring talks from people who are taking action to make change a reality.

+ e.g. Conference: Videos exploring insights from innovators across all industries and all around the world.

+ The 99 Percent: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” ~ Thomas Edison. Videos that focus on bringing ideas to life.

Drink Water First, Then Coffee or Tea: I am sure you are just like me — you don’t actually need the caffeine, you actually are just feeling bored, tired, etc. and are trying to push off the responsibility to the lack of coffee in your body. Drink some water, wait 10 minutes and see how you feel.

Breath: Stop whatever you are doing. Count each breath. In. One. Out. Two. In. Three. Out. Four… See if you can get to 30. I can barely get to 10 without getting distracted or wanting to do something else. It takes practice to just do that for 60 seconds. See if it helps refocus you.

Don’t Be Inspired: Take a nap, feel bored, drink coffee, watch TV, watch inane YouTube videos. If it inspires you and gets you moving great. If not, then you will learn (again) that those things don’t work and try one of the be above ideas 😉

In hopes that you stay a little more inspired,


*Photo by Mark Brannan