Halfway Mark + 1

A quick update…last night I passed the halfway mark with my training: 14 miles! After going nearly halfway around Manhattan, my legs were searing and would not stop shaking – I could not have been happier…

The past two months of training has been intense. Looking back, I do not think I realized the commitment that running the marathon would entail. The experience has been an emotional rollercoaster, some weeks I have felt extremely motivated and other weeks not so much. However, I can definitively say two things: (1) I am always happier after taking a nice long run, there is something peaceful about it, and (2) Maintaining the focus to run the marathon is very empowering — I can look back on each week and say I have moved forward: I am able to do something this week, that I was unable to do the prior week.

The training has also been filled with its fair share of sacrifice: an extra half-hour of sleep seems like an eternity, late nights on Friday or Saturday will kill my long-runs on Saturday or Sunday, I am continually physically tired, and none of my clothes fit me properly (I have lost around 10 – 15 pounds). I have also had my fair share of injuries over the past two months that have required me to take three weeks off from running. First, I got a stiff neck on two separate weeks because my shoulder muscles would tighten up and put too much strain on neck. Second, I tied my shoe laces too tightly and thus had a bruises across the top of my foot.

My schedule has entailed running 3 to 5 times per week, and yoga 2 to 3 times per week. I usually run weekday mornings at around 6:30AM, and I do yoga on the non-running days. On Saturday morning I prefer to go for my long-runs and on Sunday’s I will go for a shorter-run and try to squeeze in yoga if I have the time.

I realized the main thing that is keeping me going is imagining myself running the race with several thousand other people. This gets me pretty pumped up: http://www.nycmarathon.com/about/video_inspiration.php . I cannot wait to run it!

I have eight weeks left before the big day on November 2nd. After a summer that was far busier than I could have ever imagined, I hope the fall may be more amenable to more timely updates.

Thanks you so much to everyone who has donated! I really appreciate it. I still have a long-way to go with the fundraising so if anyone else could offer a donation, it would be greatly appreciated.  https://www.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=259771&supid=225873705