Loving what is Necessary

First will what is necessary. Then love what you will.
There’s a profound insight there that I’ve tried to live by, long before I read the quote. Life asks many things of us that we don’t want to do. Some of them are distractions, but some of them are necessary. It’s so easy to be full of resentment toward things that we feel are keeping us from our joy. Finding joy in what needs doing is magical. Learning to love the things that are necessary—like daily chores—is the secret of happiness. ~ Irvin Yalom in “When Nietzsche Wept”

I am so looking forward to reading, “When Nietzche Wept.”

What Men Fear

There is a meta-level conversation — in its nascent stages — about masculinity. This video by Nowness so well describes the challenges many men (myself included) in sharing feelings.

Thanks to R. Mulhall for sharing this video with me.

fMRI and Machine Learning to Determine Suicidal Indicators

This is fascinating and such important research, the ability to distinguish between actual self-harm vs. thought of self-harm. There are clearly huge philosophical issues around this type of fMRI application — i.e. Minority Report. Hopefully, we as a society can create a sound moral compass to leverage such tools to save lives.

H/T: https://machinelearnings.co/ for finding the below:

“Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh analyzed how suicidal individuals think and feel differently about life and death, by looking at patterns of how their brains light up in an fMRI machine. Then they trained a machine learning algorithm to isolate those signals… The computational classifier was able to pick out the suicidal ideators with more than 90 percent accuracy. Furthermore, it was able to distinguish people who had actually attempted self-harm from those who had only thought about it.” – Megan Molteni, Science Writer Learn More on WIRED >