Karmic Lifestyle Design Manifesto

“Critical thinking followed by action’ is the most important thing we can do now. There’s no such thing as a tiny act.” ~ Dalai Lama

I believe that there is a propensity towards a higher level of consciousness. A shift. A movement. A change.

The spread of thoughts, ideas and experiences are happening around the world in real time. I think compassion and connectedness with one and other – in life and work — is our natural evolution.

I believe we each have a duty to reflect holistically and think critically — inward and outward — on any given action. Whether we smile or not at the people on the subway; or, whether a business buys one product or other; or, whether we give the homeless person outside our front doorstep a dollar or not.

The purpose of Karmic Lifestyle Design is to share my thoughts, explorations, experiments and experiences on living intentionally.

Would love to hear your thoughts and start a conversation!

~ Krishan