Landmark Advanced Course Notes

I have received a lot of positive and negative feedback from many friends on the Landmark Forum. I enjoyed it thoroughly, here are my notes:
  1. 2 Distinctions
    1. registration conversations (e.g., salary increases)
    2. enrollment
  2. Have power now and create that for others → create a future that wasn’t going to happen
  3. If you can observe it, you are not it (it being thoughts, emotions, body)
  4. Hierarchy of Thinking
    1. Organization
    2. Community/Group
    3. Family
    4. Relationship w/ Another Human Being
    5. Individuals
  5. Organizations are meant to not be impacted by individuals
  6. Thought verus thinking (intellectual effort)
  7. Your “It” chooses things that you will not fail at
  8. Be → Occurring World, Do → Actions, Hove → Results
    1. “trying” is not real → only actions & results
  9. You always win the games you are playing
    1. look at your life to understand your games
    2. we play games!
    3. default games vs. games you make up
  10. Being group vs. being individual
    1. occurring world is group
    2. occurring is you vs. group
  11. People will sell themselves for a latte
  12. Take a game that you will fail at, so you can grow
    1. Occurring world: Leader of integrity vs. leader of roll call
    2. Imagine if you are training to climb Mount Everest who would you have to be
    3. worry about people being comfortable is playing their identity → play from how big people are
  13. Who you are is the reality of what?
    1. Profound relationship with reality or you create fantasy
  14. Koan: I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground
  15. You spot it, you got it → if you see something wrong with something else, then you probably have the same thing wrong with you too.
  16. We make up stories and then we forget that we made up stories
  17. Unreal
    1. Base our lives on songs and movies → it is absurd
    2. What Happened vs. Story:
      1. Plans, Feelings, THoughts, Attitude, Past experiences, behaviors, hopes and fears
    3. Personal Tests
  18. Bottom Change (i.e. things you are doing) vs. Top Down Change (i.e. way of being content)
  19. When you are “being,” you just do → e.g., if you are a mom you take of your kid; you think of actions
  20. Mistakes
    1. you never make a mistake because in your occurring world you never do anything that opposes it
  21. Authenticity
    1. Authenticity → admiration
    2. sincerity (i.e. the weak trying to be authentic)
    3. Courage is the path to true authenticity
    4. Say support vs. help → people don’t need your help, they need your support
  22. World of Identity → Integrity → World of Enrollment
    1. World of Identity
      1. Lies
      2. Judgement
      3. Personal Tests
      4. Rackets
      5. Strong Suites
      6. Manipulates
      7. Story
      8. Ego domination
      9. Right/Wrong
      10. You or me
    2. Integrity: Honor ones word as oneself
    3. World of Enrollment: Possibility
      1. Love
      2. Acceptance
      3. Courage
      4. Responsible
      5. Creativity
      6. Happiness
      7. Dignity
      8. Leadership
      9. Well being
      10. Prosperity
      11. Empowerment
      12. Contribution
      13. Win-win
      14. Peace
      15. Support
      16. Power
      17. Purpose
      18. Vitality
      19. Play
      20. Freedom
      21. Authenticity
      22. Compassion
      23. Partnership
    4. Honoring your world is creating possibility
    5. Position vs. Stand
      1. Gandhi took a position
  23. Enrollment Conversations
    1. Background of relatedness
  24. Problems: The source of problems is that people are blurred about their problems. The focus is “I want X, but Y.” For example, I want my sister to be happy, but she doesn’t like where she lives. Focusing on y ensures x will not happen. y is NOT in opposition of X. Imagine it is 1 year from today and you are preparing for this really exciting dream that would be make a difference with others and yourself. Describe it. Write down:
    1. 3 months from future date what would need to happen
    2. 6 months from future date what would need to happen
    3. 9 months from future date what would need to happen
    4. 10 months from future date what would need to happen
    5. 11 months from future date what would need to happen
    6. 12 month from future date what would need to happen — break into weeks