Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss Notes

Notes from Carolyn Myss on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday:
  • Every choice we make either enhances your spirit or drain’s your power
  • We each have a sacred contract, reason you were born
  • We suffer when we chase dreams that aren’t ours, dreams that don’t belong to us
  • You cannot have judgment, expectations, and you must give up the need to know what happens tomorrow and be fully present, appreciate what’s in your life right now
  • You know you are on the right path when you don’t betray yourself and you are not negotiating your heart, integrity, who you are and you are not physically drained, losing your life/self
  • Prayer is an inner mystical awakening, dialogue with god
  • Rational thought no longer commands you, “Hover over me God” and “Please enter where you already abide”

“Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne Dyer Notes

Notes from Oprah’s viewing of Dr. Wayne Dyer, someone I have been watching or listening to on PBS for years:

  • Key Takeaways:
    • If you would like to accomplish something you must first expect it from yourself.
    • It’s not about what you want but who you area
    • To live an extraordinary life you must consult with the invisible place in yourself, the soul
    • You have to change what’s possible for you
    • What is real is that which never changes, who we are is a divine infinite being
    • Higher self is omniscient, perfect, god himself
    • Believe in your highest self and your connection to source
    • You are God, God is love, You are the creator
  • I Am Exercise:
    • I am connected at ALL times to source, God
    • IMAGINATION, all things are possible: fearlessly imagine the I ams in your imagination
    • LIVE AS IF YOUR I AMS ALREADY EXIST: disregard what doesn’t support
    • ASSUME THE FEELING OF THE WISH FULFILLED: Make your future dream a present fact, change of feeling is a change of destiny
    • ATTENTION (objective and subjective): Trust yourself, live as if the future dreams are a present fact don’t allow what anyone says is possible or not possible affect you
    • NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP: How would you feel living your I AMS?
    • Your I AMS must feel natural ex. I deserve prosperity
    • Let go of judgment, condemnation, criticism towards any of God’s children