A weekend is just a weekend, but it is so much more.

Saturday, May 27, 2017 | New York, NY, United States 70°F Cloudy

This weekend my Dad came up from Princeton, New Jersey to stay with Sarika and I.

While Sarika and I are were meeting with our Doula, my Dad arrived to our place in Harlem. He sat in our newly setup nursery.

After hearing about our meticulous birth plan with the many options, my dad teased us a little. I couldn’t help but agree, we are attempting to understand our actions in any given plan.


You will notice the lovely tree and bird decal that I put up, and some of the gifts from Sarika’s baby shower.

After hanging out for a little bit, and hearing my Dad share about stories about me as a child ( a regular occurrence)…

… Regular trips to Toys R’ Us or FAO Shwartz, where we would play for a couple of hours, and maybe we would get a toy

… My Dad taking my sister on a stroller everyday after work, and how she was so mesmerized by the city

…How as a kid I would insist on pushing my sister in the stroller, despite my sister being three years older

…How I never cried as a kid, and at first started drinking tons of milk

…How my parents co-sleeped with us and how dangerous it was for them because I kicked so much.

I smiled and enjoyed the stories that my Dad has shared many times, but continues to share them as though he was sharing them for the first time. I felt grateful for Sarika coming to the stories with a freshness, despite hearing them many times from my Dad and my Mom.

Chaiwali for Dad’s Birthday

We went off to Chaiwali to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Chaiwali, a high-end Indian restaurant, always serves excellent food., but it was particularly nice to sit upstairs and enjoy the breeze as Sarika, Dad and I enjoyed a meal together.


From there, we decided with certainty that we would find my Dad some non-alcholic beer, O’Douls. After visiting nearly 4 Gourmet Delis in Harlem, a CVS, and a Duane Reade we relented and gave-up.

We came home and enjoyed some lovely music and conversation with my Dad, while listening to some Wah! And, enjoying Haggen Das Swiss Almond Vanilla Ice Cream and I shared one of Dad’s poems on the kindness of mother’s:

When the quiet surrounds

We hear whispers

So gentle

They are in the wind

The sway of the leaves

In the birds calling


We are home

We are home

There are secrets

The most profound

When Moms


With every breath

I love you

I love you

I love you

Who spoke

Who heard

It all happened

Today again

With every breath

I say

I hear

I love you

And I am lost

Into that song

As the stars

Wink away at me

I am drawn

Into the universe

Knowing love

I is all I am

All we are

Moms know this secret

They whisper it

Into our hearts

We get ready to go to sleep, my dad quickly gets ready and falls asleep with the lights on. I peer into check-in on him, and he wants to do his Guru Gita. He wakes up and does his Guru Gita. I am continually in awe of his discipline to Baba Muktananda.

Siddha Yoga Ashram NYC

The next morning we wake to go for the Guru Gita at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in NYC. We accidentally arrive early and Terry, the lovely manager, makes us some tea. We chat and have some fun banter. These days Dad and I feed off each other, and can enjoy friendly teasing with folks.

The Guru Gita is begins, and I am overcome with a nostalgia of this prayer that I have heard recited thousands of time. There is a mix spirituality, but also loving memories in hearing it.

I can’t help but be disturbed by the individual behind me, who sounds like opera singer singing these ancient Sanskrit chants. Tempo, volume, etc. — this dude was doing his own thing…oh it was so distracting.

I would tell my Dad how this laughingly bothered me, and he said, “He needs to get it out of his system…”


Ayurveda Cafe for Lunch

Then we went to Ayruveda Cafe, we enjoyed some tasty food, and my Dad shared one of his poems:

*Where are we

Where do we go

As the winters come

Summers come

Winters turn into spring

And summers

As all happens

We are in spaces

Where begun

Where the ending

I know and so I am sad

Your space is so special


And even though

I do all I can

I may not get to your

Space within

So for me

My inner space

So full of change


It’s fine

I will visit

You too will

We will honor

Those spaces


Beyond any divisions

All one

I simply love

Your place

Your space

More I do not need

And be in my place

Ever with your

Warm light


We spoke of the idea of sacred spaces and being able to visit each others sacred spaces. How we cannot fully know each others spaces, but that we can visit one others spaces. There is a sorrow in never being able to fully know each others spaces, but there is also this beauty in visiting one and others spaces.

My Dad asked the waiter for his name, and his name was Uchit. My Dad thought for a moment, and then asked “Do you know what your name is?” Uchit replied “correct” and my Dad said “No, no, no… it means the best.” My Dad made sure to congratulate Uchit for the work his family does to maintain this restaurants, and how it is out of service.

Northwood Central Park

From there, we walked through Central Park and strolled through Northwood Park, and enjoyed a a stroll and spoke about different things. None of which I remember in specific, but all of which were lovely.

The area is filled with lovely ponds, waterfalls and walkways. While speaking with this young Australian women, we noticed two turtles sunbathing…


HA! We two good looking men.




Taking a rest…


Both Dad and I were mesmerized by the tunnels, and that someone would make these gorgeous tunnels by moving around these huge boulders…what an art.

A Little Family Time

We enjoyed little family time together, some food and some laughs. Then Gitu, Anil and Dad went back to New Jersey