24 Management Consulting Tips

Some of my personal favorite consulting 101 tips from my Diamond Management and Technology Consultants mentors…
  1. Always answer “So what?”
  2. When presenting to clients view the presentation as a conversation
  3. Always have the one hit single slide
  4. Rehearse
  5. Never speed up to finish content
  6. Practice in the shower
  7. Audience and purpose
  8. Do research as much as possible on learning about client
  9. Remember the importance of stories
  10. Thank them when you come in
  11. Keep appendix separate
  12. Use questions as guiding principals for story
  13. Always show understanding of question: “Let me know if I am understanding your question correctly…”
  14. Reflect questions; Understand & Answer; use “we will be covering that later”
  15. Shake hands
  16. Do not rock backward; don’t put hands in pocket
  17. Stop making your voice so low (my voice usually becomes low when presenting!)
  18. All that matters is that the client is engaged
  19. Solicit questions
  20. Embrace questions
  21. Leave a good lasting impression; even if you have to cut it short
  22. Explain the axis of graphs so your client can pick up the trends easily
  23. Pause and think about questions
  24. Make a greek rhetorical circle