On Voting: November 5th

Why should I vote?

Tomorrow, we each will have an opportunity to vote, which in itself is an amazing reality that we live in. Although tomorrow most of us (I hope!) will exercise this rare opportunity to decide the individuals that will govern or national, state and local governments, I am beginning to think of voting as a moment-by-moment activity.

We vote every time we consume, every time we read the newspaper,¬†every time we say yes or no…we create our tomorrow based on our actions of the present.¬†Our choices for our elected officials and whomever we elect is a direct reflection of our collective moment-by-moment choices…a direct reflection of our values.

I hope we choose individuals who are bringing more awareness to the interdependent nature of being human. As Desmund Tutu once said, “I am because we are.”

And, more importantly, I hope we continue the process of reflecting on whether our moment-by-moment choices reflect our highest intentions.