Coincidence and Synchronicity

The train is moving full speed.

We come with these beautiful bags, these bags filled with hopes, dreams, beautiful stories as well as doubts, fears and scary stories of what we want the story to be. We keep holding on to these “thoughts” as they have become our wardrobe…they have become our world in the train.

All the time we are conversing with the other passengers trying to figure out… Where are we going? What should I do? What if this happens? What is this does not happen? What do I do about this?

The passengers can only be distinguished by their bags…Who they think they are? Who they think they are not? What they should be doing? What they should not be doing? What choice should I make next? Am I following my samskaras? Am I following my fears? Am I am following my bliss? Am I following my heart? Am I following my dharma?

There are seats in the train…one for family, one for work, one for spiritual, one for friends, one for lovers… The passengers keep asking themselves, am I spending too much time in this seat? Am I spending too much seat in another? Where should I sit and for how long? Can I keep all the seats warm? Will I lose my seat if move?

Sometimes we are with passengers for a little bit of time, sometimes we are with passengers for a long time, and sometimes we are with passengers until the end.

But then, there are sometimes that the passengers put down their bags and they dissolve into the train, and then something special happens…they realize they are the same…that their bags are just a façade…that the seats were also a façade.

They realize that their choices for the contents of the bags and the seats are all based on the contents of old bags, and that the only true place to make choices from is from the space where the train, the seat, the bags, and the passengers become one. A place where there is oneness…the place where the universe spins, the stars spin, the earth spins and the clouds spin around the world.

In the space of infinite…there is everything. There is love…there is coincidence…there is cosmic love – where the passengers learn about enjoying the ride…where the passengers learn about loving… where the passengers are love.

In the space of love, the passengers begin to dissolve into one and other, into the train and into the seats.  In that space of oneness something very special happens, there is synchronicity where the universe is flowing through the passengers and the passengers are flowing through the universe.