What do you learn from the Landmark Forum?

Always/Already Listening: Something is always going on in our head. Here is a list of the many thoughts/opinions/judgements that are always going on.
Strong Suits: Three things happen and we base our lives off these stories to survive.
Nothing/Everything: Life is meaningless and there is nothing.
Imagine a bird looking for worms. If the bird does not catch a worm, it doesn’t mean it is going to be depressed and go cry in its nest. No, it will keep looking. By adding the racket to our lives we diminish the possibilities and therefore the actions and the results. For example, the word “God” has meanings based on stories of many religions, but no one can define “God” because if you did define “God” then it would diminish it to a story in YOUR mind. If we define ourselves as “nice”, we diminish our possibilities.
Future/Present/Past: Be Possibility, Do Actions, Have Results –> Start Over. Letting the already/always listening get in the way of the possibilities, the actions and results are simply stories and racket. Chill out. Enjoy.
Fear: Imagine you are afraid of everyone next to you, then everyone in the room, then everyone in the building, then the City you are in, then the Country you are in, then the World. Do the opposite and imagine people are afraid of you. Do the same with other things (e.g., smarts).
Choice/Decision: Choices are without the Already/Always Listening or Thoughts. Decisions are with the Already/Always Listening. For example, I choose vanilla because I did (Choice) vs. I choose vanilla because I like it (Decision).
Integrity: What Happened + Reasons DOES NOT EQUAL = IntegrityWe either do or do not, there is no in between. We either have integrity or we don’t. And remember it is not good or bad — it just is.
Racket: A fixed way of BEING + a persistent complaint (reaction to reality or imagined threat). Every racket has a payoff and cost:
– Right/Wrong
– Dominate/Avoid Domination
– Self-Justify/Invalidate others
– Win/Lose
– Love/Affinity
– Self-expression
– Vitality
– Well-being