The Don’t Talk About Your Product, Strategy

The Don't Talk About Your Product, Strategy

Here are the rules for this strategy

  1. Don't talk about your product.
  2. Don't talk about the details and specs.
  3. Don't talk about how much better it is than the competition.
  4. [Insert any other standard marketing]

Instead, Create Stories

There are three examples of organizations doing this method extremely well.

**1. Holstee Manifesto: **I love the Holstee Manifesto. It is great and inspires me to think different all the time. So, how has this tiny company been extremely successful: They let others tell their personal stories of inspiration and transformation: My Life.

The stories are personal, moving and most importantly, real.


*2. Lifehacker's "The Way I Work:" *


Lifehacker started this series where they interview interesting folks and ask them questions about they work. These people are entrepreneurs, change makers, and regular individuals sharing their stories of they make their lives more productive and happy. I love hearing their stories, and I keep coming back for more. It is as though I am getting advice for super successful people.

3. Day One's:


I journal in Day One and I love it. I love hearing about how journaling or morning pages has improved peoples lives. Day One knows it creates an instant connection between individuals that journal. They made it personal.

Why does this strategy work?

  1. Feeling Special: If I am a user of your product, and you ask me to share my personal story — I am definitely feeling special.
  2. Contribution: If I am a user of your product, and I am able to contribute to others through the synthesis of my thoughts and experiences. I will feel happy about myself.
  3. Connection: If I am a user of your product, and I share my story. The product is no longer what the conversation is about — it is about my personal story and sharing it with others.