How to be fearless at work? The Art of Natural Fearlessness

Are we all afraid of losing our job? Our businesses going under? Losing our savings? Losing our home? Being homeless?

Confidence in work versus always wondering whether you have certainty can be extremely scary. The thoughts are endless…Did I do a good enough job? Did I screw up that relationship? Will the business bring in money to ensure my family has what it needs?

Recently at Anthony Robbin’s Business Mastery event in Palm Springs Florida, I heard so many stories of individuals that have suffered in their work — a job, their business, etc. I heard a story of a multi-millionaire losing his home because his business defaulted and as a technicality the bank was able to repossess his families home. I heard a story of an oil-executive that lost her job, and had lost all of her confidence and love for her body. These were extremely talented and smart individuals, and to say the least it shook me up to hear all the pain and suffering that so many had experienced.

The stress of whether we have any certainty and security in our lives can take us away from enjoying the things that would usually make us happy, and it can drive us to be who we are not and do things we wouldn’t normally do. Often times, I think we ask ourselves deep down, “Will everything be okay?” And, everything we hear in our head is all of our negative answers to that question.

In Michael Carroll’s book “Fearless at Work” he says what each of us are looking for so well: ” The kind of confidence that remains fearless unshaken in the face of life’s often terrifying paradoxes — instinctively resourceful and at ease — is not something we can manufacture. ”

What is the fearless that would allow us to rekindle the sacred nobility in each of us? How do we reconnect with that fearlessness — the inner Rudy or Braveheart in — each of us?

Over the coming weeks, I will be exploring Michael Carroll’s book “Fearless at Work.” Stay tuned.